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Save My Change

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How It Works

When you make purchases with your debit card, all the transactions will post to your checking account for the actual amount you paid. The system will round up to the nearest dollar for each individual transaction and make one lump sum transfer for the total “rounded up” amount into your savings or club account of your choice.

  • FREE feature for debit cards
  • Transfers for the total “rounded up” amount will occur daily overnight
  • Transactions processed as credit or debit are eligible for the Save My Change feature
  • You can remove this feature at anytime


Purchase Amount Change Rounded Up
$2.25 75 ¢
$10.06 94 ¢
$30.33 67 ¢

Total change transferred into savings $2.36!

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Save my change is an easy way to save your change electronically via debit card transactions. You must have a checking and debit card open.

In the past year, a total of 67 members have participated in the Same My Change program. Saving a total of $5,956.16!

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