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N.I.Y. (Northern Illinois Youth) Account

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N.I.Y. accounts are specifically designed for teens between the age of 13-17. Teens will be eligible to establish a savings and checking account, an adult/parent/guardian over 18 needs to be joint on the accounts.

Debit cards are provided to the teen and or the adult that is joint on the account. Teens are eligible to sign up for our Save My Change program. Debit card limits apply ($105 per day POS/withdraws).

Please bring:

  • The Social Security card (or number) for the child you are establishing the account for
  • Photo ID (i.e. State ID/Driver’s License or Passport) for the adult that will be on the account
    • Proof of address (i.e. recent paystub, utility bill, bank statement) will be required if the address of your photo ID isn’t up to date or you are establishing the account with a passport
  • A student ID, State ID/ Driver`s License for the teen establishing an account (if you have one)
  • $25 opening deposit (cash, check or card)